New Velodromes are being commissioned, built and opened around the world, as nations and national governing bodies recognise, and plan to replicate the success that Manchester Velodrome has brought the Great Britain Cycling team at World and Olympic level.

Whilst there are a small number of track designers, architects and track builders that can design and build the track surface, they may not offer advice on how to successfully run the venue once completed.

Stakeholders will want to ensure a programme that embraces the National Federation’s needs, a legacy of participation, discovery of future talent and commercial funding streams, including events to ensure the success and future of the venue.

Whilst Velodream can offer advice at the design and commissioning stages so stakeholders can be sure the track can be ridden by 9 years old up to 79 year olds, our expertise is in the administration and running of the venue. Many Velodromes around the world have not achieved the capacity enjoyed by UK Velodromes, and lay empty and unused for too many calendar days each year. Given the massive increase in participation in cycling since London 2012, Velodream can advise venues of how to stimulate this interest in the sport, and convert this interest into customers.

Please use the contact form, and we can discuss how we can:

  • Advise stakeholders at the planning stage and build a viable business plan
  • Advise on the design stage to make the venue as inclusive as possible
  • Be there for the commissioning and opening stages to ensure the facility is a success from day 1

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