Index Of Skills

Cycling Club bookings

The sector that will come back time and time again, making them valuable customers

Coaching procedures

A document that allows your coaches to deliver safe track cycling

Contra deals

Where the cycle industry provides the kit, equipment and services you need and customers want to ride.

Corporate entertainment

Presentation, price point and how to set the product apart from your weekly calendar

Customer information

Converting an enquiry into a customer by explaining the opportunities in detail

Cycling opportunities

Within your footprint or the surrounding area

Equipment specification

What you need to provide, and what is durable, safe and easy to maintain

Event management

How to fill your yearly calendar with iconic stand alone events, track leagues and non cycling events

Event stewarding

Building a reliable team of casual staff

Governing bodies

Managing their advice and requirements

Health and Safety/Public liability


It's a litigious world - how to stay safe

Healthy stadia

What activities and products you can add to make your customers better cyclists

Mass participation rides/sportives

How you manage the events that want to come to you


Price point for filming, what you need to provide, and what they expect

Non cycling activities/other sports

Embracing the fitness industry and making provision for non cycling customers and visitors


Development coaches creating new customers from stakeholder educational establishments 

Preferred suppliers

The supplier base you need to build 

Scheduled maintenance

Methods and programmes to keep your equipment safe and legal

School and college provision

What you should offer to school children and students


Front of house, back of house, in the workshop.

Storage areas

What you need to store, and where

Track advertising 

Revenue streams for you, exposure for your partners and advertisers brands

Track calendar

Building a programme of participation that engages all abilities and ages

Track design

Start with a safe, rideable, fast track - and work outwards!

Track leagues

How to create and engage with an organising team

Transponder timing systems

Let your customers connect with real time analysis

Velodrome Tours

Another funding stream, and another income stream for your coaches

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